Here’s the times for the things we talk about in case you only want to see something specific.
Neverwinter nights enhanced edition 0:40
Minit 28:45
Ultima Ascension 32:45
Star Trek Online 39:47
Video version of the podcast is available over at Y…

Following up on our previous podcast from Seattle, we are joined once again by Tazzman and JKFire who we co-casted from HaloWC 2018. This time, we welcome the other co-host from HCS Pro Talk, IamMrMayhem as we cover championship Sunday’s … Continue rea…

We’re in Seattle this weekend for the 2018 Halo World Championship and with the return of MLG to the Halo Championship Series, it has been quite the spectacle here at CenturyLink Field Event Center. We’re recording this episode in the … Continue readin…

Another short news week, but we’re back to talk about the few nuggets from the last week. With community guest Bobby B444, we talk about some of the things in Halo 5 we could see making the transition to Halo … Continue reading →

LAN hero, and world traveller Samiface joins the stream. She reveals the secrets that lead to her breaking the land speed record at Nevada in ’83. Only kidding – was just checking to see if you were awake. Which you clearly are. Well done. Also on the show: REWIND II Copenhagen Games TeamSource.TF CG competition TF2 community challenge for Feb 2018 Prolander Newbies Cup Newbie Cup The Palaise MGE Double […]

This time we’ve been playing Planet Explorers, Polytopia, Might and Magic 7, Titanfall 2 and Yorkshire Gubbins.
As usual the video version is available here:

It snowed recently, so Tim went for a walk in it.

There’s a strange thing happening in Halo Wars 2 right now with Yap Yap THE DESTROYER wreaking havoc on the game’s mechanics. If you head in to multiplayer, you’ll instantly see Yap Yap’s influence and his units having some heavily … Continue reading →…

The time has finally come for Dust Storm to leave his home at 117 and move on to married life. As cause for celebration (and a little bit of shed tears), we are reminiscing the time spend over the last … Continue reading →

It’s podcast time again, and this time we’re chatting about Secret World Legends, Monster Hunter World, Factorio, Vermintide 2, Warframe, Lord of the Rings Online and Evil Genius. Can you tell it’s been a few weeks?
Video version is,…


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