Halo: Community Update – Golden Clouds

Gamescom inches ever closer by the day, and with Autumn on the horizon, 343 has some plans to unveil for the future of the Halo universe to sate players this season. Halo Wars 2’s newest Grunt leader, Yapyap THE DESTROYER, … Continue reading

  Aug 18th     podtacular


How To Murder Time 187: Tim is wrong again?

This time Tim talks about the list of winning Hugo novels this year and looks at how they compare to his choices, Jon has been playing Slime Rancher and Patapon while Tim has been playing Warframe, Path of Exile and Tabletop Simulator. 00:00 Hugo winners 2017 10:55 Slime Rancher 16:50 Warframe 29:50 Patapon, Skyrim and […]

  Aug 16th, 2017


Guardian Radio Episode 220

The road to the launch of Destiny 2 continues this week with tons of news and new merchandise announcements. The latest issue of EDGE Magazine has a great write up on Destiny 2 including new changes due to Beta feedback and story information. From the sounds of things Destiny 2 is going to loaded with content. Tune in us as…

  Aug 15th, 2017


KritzKast #433: We’re no Stangers to love

Newest member of TFCrew, Sir Stanger – the old rogue – joins our crew for his first taste of podcast life. Lets see if he lives up to his spy pseudonym. Also on this week’s show: Sir Stanger | YouTube August 2nd 2017 Update Blapature summer jam raised some money in 24 hours TF2 maps the summer 2017 72 hour Jam Arms Race III – voting REKT Trailer

  Aug 13th, 2017


Podtacular 590: The Untold Story of Halo – From 3 to ODST, via the Movies

The first leg of the journey into the Halo franchise was filled with mountains of challenges as Bungie struggled, yet miraculously delivered, on their first-person shooter games. We discussed on episode 588 how Bungie made the first steps into making … Continue reading



Podcast 76 Year 2 #12

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about:

Developer Update Summer Games
Advanced Wallride

Jeffs first FPS
Orisa tweaks
Doomfist hits comp
Respawn change explained

Katowice Qualifier


  Aug 10th, 2017


Halo: Community Update – Haze of Glory

The end of Halo Wars 2’s Season Pass content is upon us with the incoming release of Grunt commander YapYap the Destroyer. This new leader will include a host of new units and abilities, including the Grunt Goblin, first introduced … Continue reading



Guardian Radio Episode 219

Who wants some PopTarts? This week the road to Destiny 2 continues with some news about the PC Beta, Destiny 2 streaming on PC and yes, PopTarts. We give you all our thoughts on the latest news developments for the hotly anticipated sequel. We also get to a back log of emails and have some great discussions sparked by you…

  Aug 08th, 2017


TF2 podcast seeks SFM animator

My lurching attempt to revitalise our YouTube channel brought with it the realisation that creating a video-a-week after editing a podcast-a-week is a lot of additional work. So I did the traditional YouTube thing; I just stopped, and didn’t tell anyone. That’s a really lousy *out* and has weighed heavy on my mind ever since. Up steps former KritzKast audio editor Micah,  (fresh from editing Podcast76 the Overwatch podcast) looking […]

  Aug 7th     Kritzkast


KritzKast #432: MrPaladin here

I have found a kindred spirit. Another old git who remembers the good old days of Team Fortress, Quake and Wolfenstein from the first time around.  His name is MrPaladin and he does the best darn impression of a cassette audio tape being fast forwarded you’ll ever hear. Community sites updating: Teamwork.tf version 1.4.0 SourceCBL.tf version 1.2 Backpack.tf unlisted MvM lobby is closing Mr Paladin’s Links: Discord | Website | Steam Group | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter Blapature 24hour […]

  Aug 04th, 2017