Halo: Community Update – Wars, Worlds, and Weaponry

Halo Wars 2 has officially released, both the Ultimate Edition and the regular version finally in the hands of Halo fans everywhere. The launch does not signal the end of content though, as proven with Halo 5’s robust post-launch pallet. … Continue reading

  Feb 25th     podtacular


KritzKast #411: A box of sweets and tears

The magnificent twitch streamer Jewlander returns to furnish us with his wisdom. Which is lovely because he notices things other people take forever to see, then he kills those people before his disguise is blown. Admittedly there was a lot to see since Valentine’s day had Valve drop a massive love heart on the TF2 fandom by way of a massive pack of updates. Also, there is music coming to […]



Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 2: Getting resources

Well we have a small platform now, but we need a lot more resources before we can get too far…

  Feb 23rd     How to Murder Time


How To Murder Time 167: Regrowth Recap

The regrowth series recently ended, so we have a chat about what we think of it now we’ve done it all. Then we move on to talking about the first of our Elite Dangerous group sessions and how that went.

  Feb 22nd, 2017


Podcast 76 #040

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about:

Korea Blizzard takes the pain to hackers
Doomfist hypetrain brakes failing
PTR hog changes
Tracer merch
Jeff likes clans/guilds

  Feb 21st, 2017


Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 1: Standing on a tree

It’s a new Minecraft series, and we start standing on a tree in the middle of a void. I guess we had better cut it down then…


KritzKast #410: discount Jam

In an effort to reach out to the community, we reached out the community, and got Wack.tf. That’s not a site, although it probably will be soon. In a show filled with sentences that probably should have ended a lot sooner than they did, I just wanted to say TF2 maps Winter 2017 Jam Void’s maze Uberchain + Kichizone’s thing Truck Robot thing Yotts’ Phat Platt Dueling Badge TF2 Pancakes […]

  Feb 16th, 2017


Minecraft Regrowth Episode 97

This is it, the last episode. All we have to do is finish the last few quests and then we’re done…


Podcast 76 #039

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about: PTR update Dev vid: server browser Saving custom games will be a thing Valentines and Easter don’t exist Saving highlights is still a thing Season 3 end date kinda confirmed Lucio in HotS XBox boss talks mouse and keyboard More Terry Crews Doomfist



How To Murder Time 166: Shute Colony

This week we’ve mostly been playing Guildwars 2, Fallout Shelter, The Division, Halo: Combat Evolved and Elite Dangerous.

  Feb 15th, 2017