Podtacular 474: TheSimms Interview

Richard Simms, better known as TheSimms is a competitive Halo commentator heralding from the UK.  Simms started playing Halo competitively during Halo 2 and commentating during Halo 4.  We had the pleasure of having him cast during his US debut … Continue reading

  Apr 18th, 2015


Podtacular 473: Cracked Foundations

As Benjamin Giraud digs deeper into John’s past, the more the truth breaks into the fabricated story laid out by ONI and the UNSC.  What was supposed to be an easy assignment now has Ben questioning everything he’s learned about … Continue reading

  Apr 17th, 2015


April MCC Update Details

Today we get a first look at the next Master Chief Collection update coming next week.  The April Update is now in the certification process and the full patch notes will be available when the update goes live.  Typical stability … Continue reading

  Apr 16th     podtacular


HCS Season Two Kicks Off with IG Atlanta

The start of regular season play for HCS Season 2 is here starting with Iron Games Atlanta this weekend.  The tournament features a $25,000 prize pool with the first place team taking $10K and earning 600 HCS points.  For the … Continue reading



Halo: Spartan Strike Out Now

After being delayed for four months, Halo: Spartan Strike is finally available for download.  The top-down, twin stick shooter is the sequel to Halo: Spartan Assault, featuring 30 new missions, new weapons, vehicles, enemies and more.  Spartan Strike is available … Continue reading



Podtacular 472: ESL Interview Special

Competitive Halo has been a cornerstone of the Halo Franchise ever since Halo: CE, getting its start with Major League Gaming and now with the Halo Championship Series.  Along with 343 Industries and Twitch, ESL is helping spearhead the efforts … Continue reading



HUNT the TRUTH – Critical Condition

Officially, the Master Chief’s story is one of heroism and service to the UNSC, but as Benjamin Giraud is discovering, the truth behind the beloved icon isn’t as picture perfect as he imagined.  Ben mentions in his previous episode, when … Continue reading



Halo Community Screenshots – 4/14/15

Here’s this week’s selection of screenshots with some additions from the staff.  If you have your own screenshots, please share them with us in our forums, Twitter or Facebook and they may appear here on the front page.  

  Apr 15th     podtacular


Guardian Radio Episode 106

The countdown to the House of Wolves has officially begun! Release date? Check. Trailer? Check. Hype? Check. Join us as we breakdown all the newest info for the much anticipated expansion. Joining us this week is the Co-Producer of our Audio Grimoire Bentrick. he sits in to chat about the exciting news as well as discuss the latest Audio Grimoire….

  Apr 14th, 2015


Podtacular 471: Establishing the Lie

Benjamin Giraud’s search for the truth behind Master Chief continues as he wrestles with some contradictory evidence he mentioned in his previous podcast.  For this week’s episode, he seemingly finds a fix to the mysterious death record stating John had … Continue reading

  Apr 13th, 2015