KritzKast #410: discount Jam

In an effort to reach out to the community, we reached out the community, and got That’s not a site, although it probably will be soon. In a show filled with sentences that probably should have ended a lot sooner than they did, I just wanted to say TF2 maps Winter 2017 Jam Void’s maze Uberchain + Kichizone’s thing Truck Robot thing Yotts’ Phat Platt Dueling Badge TF2 Pancakes […]

  Feb 16th, 2017


Minecraft Regrowth Episode 97

This is it, the last episode. All we have to do is finish the last few quests and then we’re done…


Podcast 76 #039

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about: PTR update Dev vid: server browser Saving custom games will be a thing Valentines and Easter don’t exist Saving highlights is still a thing Season 3 end date kinda confirmed Lucio in HotS XBox boss talks mouse and keyboard More Terry Crews Doomfist



How To Murder Time 166: Shute Colony

This week we’ve mostly been playing Guildwars 2, Fallout Shelter, The Division, Halo: Combat Evolved and Elite Dangerous.

  Feb 15th, 2017


Guardian Radio Episode 198

This week we celebrate the official confirmation that Destiny 2 is coming in 2017! The latest Activision shareholders call revealed that the much anticipated sequel is set to hit shelves this Fall. We discuss what this means and dissect the quotes that came out of the call. We also preview the upcoming patch and discuss what was revealed about it…

  Feb 14th, 2017


Minecraft Regrowth Episode 96

We’re on the home straight, so we’re forging on with the Vampire quests.


Podtacular 570: Zee Updates

The clock ticks away to the launch of Halo Wars 2 and we have not just one, but two Halo Community Updates, Halo Canon and a handful of other announcements. The Blitz Beta had some great outcomes with players clocking … Continue reading



Halo: Community Update – You Can Haz Recon

Halo Wars 2 is only a little over a week away, and the anticipation is reaching a head. 343 Industries released three new trailers this week, a launch trailer, a playful ad named The Sale, and another named The Armrest. For participants … Continue reading

  Feb 11th     podtacular


Minecraft Regrowth Episode 95

We’ll be the first to admit that maybe we were slightly less than prepared for that boss fight, so it’s time for round one! If we can stop dying during the preparation that is.

  Feb 10th     How to Murder Time


How To Murder Time 165: The Man in the High Castle

It’s Hugo winner time again, and so we’ve read Philip K Dick’s classic 1962 alternate history novel The Man in the High Castle where the Allies lost WW2 and now the Germans and Japanese have divided up a conquered America.

  Feb 09th, 2017