Guardian Radio Episode 78

Destiny has been deployed and this week we officially come to you LIVE from the Tower. This week we catch you up on the latest news surrounding the game and then dive in to our first impressions of the game. With one week under our belts we have a lot to say about Bugie’s shared world shooter. We share both…

  Sep 16th, 2014


Podtacular 441: The Pax Prime Lockdown

Two weeks ago, Pax Prime was in full swing in Seattle as we heard of the news that Lockdown, the remake of Lockout, has officially been added to the list of Halo 2 Anniversary Maps coming with the Master Chief … Continue reading

  Sep 14th, 2014


KritzKast #290: Pretentious Propaganda

We all love, almost as much as the guys in that brass band at PAX Prime’14 like playing their music LOUD! Most especially this week because they have given us lots of TF2 merch including the Portable Merc Blind Boxes. We can unbox them while we listen to our SteamMusic while watching Russian TV mistaking TF2 propaganda for real propaganda. Honestly, it’s not like there’s anything better to do […]



Guardian Radio Episode 77

Destiny has officially launched! On the eve of Destiny’s release we sat down to record Episode 77 (see what we did there) and help quench some of your appetite for the Destiny hype. In this special episode we take some time to quickly breakdown the news that dropped this week before turning the reigns to you our listeners. We spend…

  Sep 09th, 2014


Episode #102 – “TK’d From Behind”

This week Deringer is abandoned by Torkz again but had the good fortune of bringing El Creepo from Outfit-X onRead More

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KritzKast #289: Amazon Plays Twitch

Highlights from this week’s update include; all community weapons being renamed as “map” items, Australium Scattergun now looks purdy, RockPaperShotgun’s Horace the Endless Bear promo item added, and stage 2 of cactus has been cut. Amazon bought Twitch for $970m in cash (not in REF), the bi-monthy comic isn’t out again and TF2 has characters in Super Time Force.

  Sep 06th, 2014


Guardian Radio Episode 76

This is it. The final episode before the launch of Destiny. We have been at this podcast for more than a year and half and we are now less then one week away from its release. With the game so close we can’t help but let the hype machine take over and share our launch day plans. We also dive…

  Sep 02nd, 2014


Episode #101 – “Simply The Best!”

This week the guys took a much deserved break and instead produced a Best Of show encompassing some of theirRead More

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Podtacular 440: Lockout Returns

Yesterday we finally got the official word that Lockout will be getting the anniversary treatment for the Master Chief Collection. The map is a staple among competitive Halo players and has rightfully earned its spot to be remade. Come hear … Continue reading

  Aug 30th, 2014


KritzKast #288: Live from i52

Perhaps a little bit of a misnomer to title this one “live from” since we weren’t able to live stream the recording, though I’m hoping it will go some way to explaining why our audio isn’t perfect this week. We had a LAN party going on behind us. Not just any old LAN either. This was i52 the UK’s biggest LAN with somewhere in the region of three thousand BYOC […]

  Aug 29th, 2014