How To Murder Time 185: The real 185

This week Tim is rounding up the nightly groups while Jon has been playing Kane and Lynch 2, which is without doubt the worse game that he’s played in… forever and getting annoyed at Horizon: Zero Dawn.

  Jul 19th, 2017


Podtacular 588: The Untold Story of Halo – Beginnings, Branding and Breakdowns

The developmental story behind is not a new journey that hasn’t been pursued before. Many Halo fans have some realization of the developmental struggle that the franchise has faced in the past and all throughout its lifespan, but it’s something … Continue reading

  Jul 18th, 2017


Guardian Radio Episode 216

‘Twas the night before the Beta and all through the podcast. Enough with the silliness, this is it! The Destiny 2 Beta is upon and we can’t hold back our excitement. This week we breakdown all the latest news coming from IGN and their month long coverage of Destiny as well as share with you our plans for the Beta….



Podtacular 587: They Let Ske7ch Pick

This week we catch up with the latest Halo Community Update with a few wrap-up items from E3 and looking at what’s coming up with Halo at the Rooster Teeth Expo. We also tell the story of how Dust Storm … Continue reading

  Jul 16th, 2017


Podcast 76 Year 2 #09

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about:

Overwatch Meta Timeline
PTR Update
Doomfist Skins
Forum Stuff:

Punishments Coming
Quickplay 2CP Wins
Numbani Payload
Tracer Dead??? (Not Clickbait)

Nendroid Mercy


  Jul 15th, 2017


KritzKast #429: Bonk, Crash, Ban

No week in TF2 is complete without either a massive update, or a visit from UEAK Crash and Bonk Nickletoon. We lucked out and got both! Except without the update. Also, this: 40,000 VAC Bans Bonk Nickeltoon’s workshop files LEGO Memory Maker Heart’s Smissmas Art Contest 2.0 Winner’s Podium TF2 Jungle update Workshop News on the next 72hour TF2 Jam

  Jul 14th, 2017


How To Murder Time 184: Ninja Camping

Time spent the night in a ditch (on purpose), Jon played Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Tim finished Obduction, and Jon tried out Grow Up. Tim has also read an awful lot of books so there’s a wrap up of the Hugo finalists for this year.

  Jul 12th, 2017


Guardian Radio Episode 215

This week IGN kicked off their “IGN First” coverage of Destiny 2 and boy did they deliver. We got our first look at The Farm, Destiny 2’s new social space. What secrets does it hold and how will we spend our time there? We fill you in on the details and give you our thoughts on it. We also disect…

  Jul 11th, 2017


Podcast 76 Year 2 #08

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about:

Doomfist dev
Doomfist Trailer
Doomfist Lore
DVa Statue
Hitbox Issues
Highest Level


  Jul 08th, 2017


Halo Summer Celebration Announcements – Backwards Compatibility, 4K Update, and More

E3 2017 has reached its close, and with other events like RTX and Gamescom ramping up with more news and announcements, it seems expected that 343 would release a few updates related to the series in this season. Halo 5 … Continue reading

  Jul 7th     podtacular