Bloodline is Probably the Best Halo Map Ever

Every Halo fan has fond memories of that one map they fall in love with.  For those who have been there since the beginning, Blood Gulch is likely the one map that defined Halo’s multiplayer.  Bloodline takes the best of … Continue reading

  Oct 19th     podtacular


KritzKast #295: Don’t Starve the Pyro

What do you call a mod made by Star? Why, Starmod of course! Just as you’d name doors that appear only big enough to fit little tiny pixie man, TF2 Fairy Doors. End of the Line is ramping up the hype (again) with their EotL Tee and poster. Don’t Starve has an unused Pyro class, and Monopoly Fortress could be the next game to appear in WeLoveFine. Well it’s not, […]

  Oct 18th, 2014


NYCC 2014 Special: Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks is a well known brand for any Halo collector and when it comes to putting forward a hefty penny to some awesome merch, specifically the Halo signature series. At NYCC this past week, they showed for the first … Continue reading



Halo: The Master Cheif Collection is Golden

Today, Halo fans everywhere rejoiced when the announcement came in that Halo: The Master Chief Collection has gone GOLD, but that’s not all!  Since the game is ready for prime time, you can pre-order your digital copy of the game … Continue reading

  Oct 17th     podtacular


The Eight Halo Multiplayer Maps Making their Xbox Debut

If you think you’ve played every single Halo multiplayer map, but you’ve never touched the PC side of Halo, then you haven’t quite played them.  Among the six new remastered maps for Halo 2 Anniversary, eight maps exclusive to Halo: … Continue reading



New Campaign Leaderboards for TMCC

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is taking the campaign experience to new heights introducing an all new leaderboard system that takes Halo 3, ODST and Reach’s scoring system to a whole new level.  We already know from the list of … Continue reading



Halo: Spartan Strike Announced for Windows 8 and Steam

The next installment of Halo twin-stick shooters is coming with Halo: Spartan Strike.  The spiritual successor to Spartan Assault comes with new Promethean enemies, new weapons, new armor abilities, drivable Warthog and the new Kestrel VTOL!  Spartan Strike starts in … Continue reading



Halo at 1080p Videos from IGN

While we’ve been inundated with footage of Halo 2 Anniversary, there hasn’t been much to show of the classic graphics of Halo: CE and Halo 2, until now.  IGN has posted two videos showing off how smooth HD 60FPS Halo … Continue reading



Halo 2 Anniversary Soundtrack Sampler

At Pax Prime in Seattle this year, our ears were treated to the first sound bites of the remastered soundtrack for Halo 2 Anniversary.  IGN has posted the new Halo Theme Gungnir Mix and 5 track samples from the soundtrack … Continue reading



Podtacular 446: NYCC 2014

This past weekend was New York Comic Con and unfortunately the Halo presence there was minimal.  Frankie had two different signings at Mega Bloks and Dark Horse, but other than that, 343 was absent this year, which is a little … Continue reading