MCC Patch Notes: Mar 3rd

The latest patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available for download.  The patch is shaping up to live up to the hype as we’ve played several matchmaking and custom games with significant improvements of the things addressed in … Continue reading

  Mar 4th     podtacular


The Silent Cartographer: Evolved Now Available from CMT

At Pax East we had the privilege in meeting one of the team members of the Custom Map Team developing their third version of the remastered Halo: Combat Evolved campaign.  What some people didn’t know is that they had been … Continue reading



KritzKast #314: 15926535897932

We hit it. Episode Pi. and what do we have on this most Pi-full of episodes. Obviosuly we cover the most recent updates and their implications on the game. Plus we also show you some of the latest TF2 Merch Available from WeLoveFine. Awesome concepts, but be warned, if you click on that link, you will be angry…..just saying. Its all very cute…..just very unstoppable Over at PAX East, There […]

  Mar 03rd, 2015


Guardian Radio Episode 100

What a long strange trip its been. Episode 100 is now deployed! Join us as we celebrate 100 episodes of Guardian Radio as well as you our community. Tune in as we breakdown the weekly news to start and then shift our focus to call-ins and voicemails from you our listeners. Tune in to this milestone for our community. We…



Vic DeLeon Leaves 343 Industries

Earlier today on his Twitter, Vic DeLeon, Lead Artist on the Halo franchise, announced that after working on the Halo franchise for 12 years, he is leaving 343 Industries. My dear friends, A few weeks ago I decided after almost … Continue reading

  Mar 2nd     podtacular


Waypoint Update: February 27th

The finish line is in sight for the next Content Update for the Master Chief Collection as it heads off to Xbox for certification.  According to Bravo from the latest Community Update, the update “will improve stability, matchmaking, the party … Continue reading



Podtacular 464: Halo 5 Beta Breakdown: Breakout and Strongholds

Halo 5: Guardians is shaping up to focus on the competitive aspect of Halo, which we got a glimpse of during the beta.  Breakout was featured as the new experience coming to Halo multiplayer, and with the modifications to base … Continue reading



KritzKast #313: Mmmmmmhmmmmm!!!!!!

You get a fix, You get a fix and guess what…..even YOU get a fix of kritzkast. The updateless spell is over. Plus its crate rotation time, crate 90 & 91 have been added to the drop list. but be warned, 90 is not as rare as one would have you believe. But with that update, a hint of a new cheat reporting system. Could this be steam wide….is this […]

  Feb 28th, 2015


Podtacular 463: Halo 5 Beta Breakdown: Maps

Guest-less this week, we take a look at the maps from the Halo 5 Guardians: Multiplayer Beta.  We looked at the strengths and weaknesses of each map from playability to design to weapon placement and choices and more.  We left … Continue reading

  Feb 25th, 2015


Guardian Radio Episode 99

And we’re back! Episode 99 is now deployed! After a brief break we return for another great episode filled with news, lore, and laughter. David Weeks, aka @DestinyAuthor, stopped by to chat about this weekends upcoming Operation Supply Drop #DestinyFansGiveBack Charity stream. Byf filled us in on some great lore about the Hive and the Vex. We also had some…

  Feb 24th, 2015