Halo Community Screenshots – 3/26/15

With the recent additions of the screenshot feature in Xbox Upload, Halo screenshots are once again obtainable without the use of a capture card.  While there is still no centralized system to search the best screenshots the community has to … Continue reading

  Mar 27th     podtacular


Halo Online Announcement Trailer

4Game has released an official announcement trailer for Halo Online including game play and customization options that will be in the game. Halo Online is a PC Halo experience based of a heavily modified version of the Halo 3 engine … Continue reading

  Mar 26th     podtacular


Halo Online coming to PC in Russia

Halo veterans may remember a time when Halo was also a name on the PC side of gaming.  The last Halo title to release on PC was Halo 2 Vista, which, while mostly insignificant now still has a tiny player … Continue reading



Guardian Radio Episode 103

The news is slow but the lore is HOT on this week’s episode. This week we briefly hit on the latest weekly update which promises to change the way we see and hear Destiny. We then dive deep in to the lore of the Warminds in Destiny. Are they one of the keys to the collapse and the future for…

  Mar 24th, 2015


Podtacular 466: Halo 5 Beta Breakdown: Forge Mode

Our last Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta breakdown show focuses on the Forge maps we got to play in the final days of the beta, Pegasus and Orion.  In talking about the map design and flow for slayer, we talk … Continue reading

  Mar 21st, 2015


Hunt the Truth Teaser Video

Yesterday Frankie pointed us to a new promo Halo 5: Guardians Tumblr site with the hashtag #HUNTtheTRUTH.  After just a little over 24 hours, Xbox released a fifteen second teaser with the “TRAITOR” bullet blowing up what appears to be … Continue reading



KritzKast #316: Who can? TF2Can!

Its Taunting time. 3 new taunts have been added to the game, but more importantly, we now have a functioning taunt area in the workshop that will now let people add taunts for valve’s consideration. Fancy giving it a try? check out the FAQ for more details. As usual we’ve had some fixes cleaning up the game, a bit of crate rotation and 2 medals, one by Ruskydoo and another […]

  Mar 20th, 2015


Halo 5: Guardians Matchmaking and Custom Games Will Run on Dedicated Servers

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the first time we’ve seen dedicated servers used in a Halo game.  At E3’s announcement last year, we were told that all competitive multiplayer games would use dedicated servers hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud … Continue reading



Hunt the Truth – Halo 5: Guardians Teaser Site

A new Halo 5: Guardians countdown teaser site was revealed by a tweet from Frankie earlier this evening. The countdown is on http://t.co/mnEg1I3ooM #Halo5 #HUNTtheTRUTH — Frank O’Connor (@franklez) March 20, 2015 Speculations are a teaser trailer of some kind … Continue reading



Insane Sniper Kills on MCC

Halo is filled with many moments of awesome kills, both skilled from the pros and the occasionally lucky kills from those not as skilled.  Then there are the ones that are just totally insane that you couldn’t plan even if … Continue reading

  Mar 18th     podtacular