How To Murder Time 178: Smuggling

This week Tim has been off walking and is now paying the price and the group has been smuggling things in Elite. Jon has been playing the Hot Wheels DLC in Forza Horizon 3 and it’s as insane as it sounds, and has also been playing Thimbleweed Park which is just as mad as you’d […]

  May 24th, 2017


Guardian Radio Episode 208

We’re back! This week the podcast returns for a HUGE episode! This past week Bungie pulled the curtain back on Destiny 2 with a massive reveal event and we were there. Tune in to hear our thoughts on what was shown and to feel the excitement we have for the upcoming second chapter in the Destiny franchise. Don’t forget to…

  May 23rd, 2017


KritzKast #422: Agro in the SkyBox

In case it’s not clear from the title, we have Skymin and MaxBox joining us on the show this week. Skymin is a brilliant YouTuber who makes her own SFM Thumb art, bursts into song at a moment’s notice and appears to have achieved the impossible. MaxBox used to be a hacker/script kiddie. He’s turned over a new leaf, chosen washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin can […]

  May 21st, 2017


Podcast 76 Year 2 #01

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about:

Art of overwatch
Free Weekend
Jeff Video for Wired
Reddit talks to Jeff
Anniversary Retrospective
New Arena maps
Overwatch Dances
Season ending!
Overwatch is top 20 of 2016!

  May 20th, 2017


Podtacular 581: Turbo Time

The last week has been a pretty good week for Halo 5: Guardians. Warzone Turbo is back, Team EnVyUs took first place at UMG Daytona, defeating the world champions Optic Gaming and Dan Ayoub left 343 Industries. The community is … Continue reading

  May 19th, 2017


KritzKast #421: stabby mc stabbyface

Never has a player been more infamous than stabby stabby. He is the old school spy, more myth than man.  The most French California has ever spawned. And now he’s here with us on this podcast, somewhere, probably. Update – May the 4th Hugs – raised over £18,000 stabby stabby – YouTube | Twitch | Twitter | Steam Sigafoo’s new Recharge Gaming League TF2 Custom MX Keycaps created by WASD Keyboards GermanPeter’s Undertale mod OVERTIME



Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 26: Project Icarus

You’ll believe a man can fly! Well not Tim, he has trouble with pressing the right buttons.

  May 18th     How to Murder Time


Podcast 76 #052

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about: UPDATE Aniversary: Confirmed New lootboxes Kill the objective Lootbox probabilities New clothes The triangle of balance Kaplan’s day at the forums: Orisa changes likely to see tweaks Highlight details this summer Jeff tells Sombra to sit the fuck down Overwatch, gun game Total & Arcade Stats More Crosshairs Legendary Symmetra The End! …of season 4. Coming soon! Lucio gets new voicelines Uprising, by the numbers Overwatch World Cup Updates      

  May 16th, 2017


Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 25: More Power

This time we’re starting on a dedicated power production floor, which does mean switching everything off for a bit…


KritzKast #420: Live from

I don’t think I’ve been quite so sad to see a LAN end as I was when finally packed up and everyone went their separate ways. The show here comes to you as it was recorded, live. I was joined by lor_is and Squirrel and we chatted about the event itself, the distinct lack of sleep everyone was getting and how much something like this means to the TF2 […]

  May 14th, 2017