Guardian Radio Episode 112

The House of Wolves has been released! Does it live up to the hype? Is the Prison of Elders a proper replacement for a full fledged Raid? Is the Trials of Osiris the most competitive event in Destiny? Is Skolas the bane of the Queen? Are the new Crucible maps the best yet? Answers to all these questions and more…

  May 28th, 2015


HUNT the TRUTH – Phantoms

Benjamin Giraud has been tracking down the origins of the Master Chief, but the deeper he dug, the darker secrets he found shrouding John’s past.  Now in just a couple of hours, the culmination of his work and his journalistic … Continue reading



TTL Party Chat Episode 18

Episode 18 of TTL Party Chat, the Official Podcast of the TTL Gunslingers, has arrived. Join Cozmo, Stuicide and Cute as they are joined by special guest Nightmare to discuss the House of Wolves expansion for Destiny, Smite, and the Witcher. Also make sure you check out the Totally Rad Vids below. -Care Package -Passages are earned not given -COD…

  May 27th, 2015


How To Murder Time 4.07

After a short exploded-computer related delay we return with another show. We talk about Rift, Grand Theft Auto V, Space Engineers and Warhammer 40,000: Regicide. Is this the show in which the three month rule dies?



Humanity: A Fan Film Exploring Chief’s Search for His Own Humanity

One of the questions posed during the Halo 4 campaign was the state of Chief’s sense of humanity, especially after the sudden departure of his companion AI, Cortana.  One group is looking to explore this question in a Halo fan … Continue reading

  May 26th     podtacular


Podtacular 484: Ultimate Halo

While Hunt the Truth is in full swing grabbing all the attention of the lore nuts, the MCC is due for a major release in the coming days as Relic and ODST are scheduled to hit by the end of … Continue reading



Podtacular Staff Featured in Latest GrifballHub Comics

For the last three weeks, Rally Fox, co-host for the Grifball Hubcast, has featured some of our staff in the GrifballHub Comic.  I’ve been featured on it before, but the latest have focused more on Podtacular specifically regarding our number … Continue reading

  May 25th     podtacular


Podtacular 483: The Leak

Ben finally made contact with FERO at the end of the previous episode and things couldn’t have gone more South how Ben was expecting their plan to go.  Leaked footage of the Master Chief disrupting a monumental peace talk seemingly … Continue reading

  May 24th, 2015


White Xbox One MCC Bundle Now Available for a Limited Time

For a limited time starting today, U.S. customers can purchase a white Xbox One bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  Major Nelson announced on his blog earlier today the bundle sells at $349USD while supplies last.  Halo: The Master … Continue reading

  May 20th     podtacular


HUNT the Truth – Drip, Drip, Drip

Petra Janecek was the last person Ben expected to hear from after their last encounter.  She had called Ben in the middle of the night looking for an explanation to an event that happened while he was asleep.  Immediately after … Continue reading