Podtacular 463: Halo 5 Beta Breakdown: Maps

Guest-less this week, we take a look at the maps from the Halo 5 Guardians: Multiplayer Beta.  We looked at the strengths and weaknesses of each map from playability to design to weapon placement and choices and more.  We left … Continue reading

  Feb 25th, 2015


Guardian Radio Episode 99

And we’re back! Episode 99 is now deployed! After a brief break we return for another great episode filled with news, lore, and laughter. David Weeks, aka @DestinyAuthor, stopped by to chat about this weekends upcoming Operation Supply Drop #DestinyFansGiveBack Charity stream. Byf filled us in on some great lore about the Hive and the Vex. We also had some…

  Feb 24th, 2015


Halo Game Sales This Weekend

As part of Xbox’s Ultimate Game Sale, a couple of Halo titles are available in digital download at discounted prices.  Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available to Xbox Gold members for 40% off at $36, which still includes access … Continue reading

  Feb 20th     podtacular


Waypoint Update: February 18th

The latest Community Update from Bravo has us greatly anticipating the next content update for the Master Chief Collection.  The patch will include fundamental changes to issues that have been plaguing MCC since day one and next week’s update should … Continue reading

  Feb 19th     podtacular


Taking a stroll in Planetside 2

What’s the one thing that you never get in coverage about fast paced first person shooter games? I think it’s probably somebody with a cloak watching people play, but that’s what we did. Coming soon: us sitting on a gate in Eve in a cloaked ship badly heckling ship loadouts. Hang on, didn’t we do […]



You know those ancient greek pots with all that artwork on them? Imagine you could make a game like that, and imagine if it was free on PS4 if you have PS+. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing? Well that thing is Apotheon and we really like it.



Last week we took a look at the PS+ games available on PS4 this month. I’ve decided to claim that forgetting to post them here was an experiment to see what it did to viewing numbers because that sounds better than the truth. Transistor is a game by the people that made Bastion. For this reason […]


Rogue Legacy

Last week we took a look at the games available on PS+ for the PS4 this month, and like an idiot I forgot to post them here. Rogue Legacy is a game that I suck at. You are a person in a suit of armour with a big sword and a special ability I constantly […]


KritzKast #312: Now with British History

First, Sorry for the delay. The next episode should be with us shortly. In the mean time you’ve have this episode to play with. At the time of recording there was very little that happened in the world of TF2. But that couldn’t stop us from talking about our new servers and how we feel the state of servers currently is. This leads us from, Personal experiences on servers, all […]

  Feb 18th, 2015


Halo 5: Guardians Beta Playable at Pax East 2015

If you are attending Pax East in Boston this year, they you’re in for a treat.  Run by the Xbox Booth #5044 during the weekend and get your chance to play the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta again.  According to … Continue reading