Halo Journal from Insight Editions

As you may recall, 343 announced the week of NYCC 2014 that signed Halo Journals would be available on the show floor at the Insight Editions booth.  We managed to grab a few and, like the Poster Collection, were impressed … Continue reading

  Oct 31st     podtacular


Showing Off Shrine

We probably know the most about Shrine, the Sanctuary remake, already but IGN First left this map for last to go over for their Master Chief Collection Coverage.  Get the developer walk-through on this truly iconic map with Max Hoberman … Continue reading

  Oct 30th     podtacular


Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematics Screen Grabs

We’re pretty sure everyone’s still drooling over today’s Halo 2 Anniversary cinematic trailer, so we decided to grab some screens from the video for you to turn into your own desktop wallpaper, tablet background, etc.  Here are some of the … Continue reading



Frankie Tweets on TMCC’s Rank System

We already got a brief overview of how XP will work with The Master Chief Collection’s Ranking System, but the wise Frankie stepped down and graced us with his presence on Twitter once again to give us a few more … Continue reading

  Oct 29th     podtacular


The Master Chief Collection’s Ranking System Detailed

IGN just released a few details 343 Industries gave them regarding the ranking system for The Master Chief Collection.  We’ve already been told it would be similar to Halo 2 skill-based ranking system, but we have more info on how … Continue reading



Halo Cinematics Like You’ve Never Seen Before

We’ve seen glimpses of the Halo 2 Anniversary cinematics remastered by Blur, the same studio that did the Halo Wars cinematics, but today, Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive cinematics trailer for Halo 2 Anniversary.  This two and a half minutes … Continue reading



KritzKast #297: The Ugly Spyling

The horror that was the NECA spy has been rather cleverly hidden with a paper mask. TF2 hits over 100,000 concurrent players. The HoUWaR creeps closer to becoming a reality. Valve makes $2m a year just from reselling keys. TF2 makes its way into CS:GO and Speedrunners. BETALAN happened, as did the ETF2L & Teamfortress TV’s Highlander Invitational.



Episode #104 – “So Long And Thanks For All The Certs”

Spoiler, this is, unfortunately, the last episode of ReachCast. After two years of shows Torkz, Deringer and Noxx have decidedRead More

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  Oct 28th, 2014


Podtacular 448: Extra Life 2014

This past weekend, we joined thousands of gamers around the world in support of Extra Life, a 24-hour charity event where people play video games to raise donations for their local children’s hospitals.  We were blessed to reach our initial … Continue reading



Halo 2 Anniversary Fully Supporting Forge

Halo map makers everywhere are getting the red carpet treatment with a fully functioning Forge for The Master Chief Collection.  As part of the ongoing IGN First coverage of the game, Dave Mertz, Project Lead for Halo 2 Anniversary at … Continue reading