Podtacular 578: Colonizing Ideas

News for Halo Wars this week is good as Halo Wars: Definitive Edition becomes a standalone title for Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam, and the next leader for Halo Wars 2, Colony, is announced and slated for release. Colony … Continue reading

  Apr 23rd, 2017


KritzKast #418: Biggy Givey Hibby

Peterscraps and Doomsday.exe are very definitely our guests on the show this week. A week that sees two updates, April 12th and April 13th (including a fix for all pre-Sandybridge processors). There are two ETF2L Experiment Cups, a Gamers Assembly viewing guide and two long lost artists return, Rammy and Hoo. Lastly, Nate confirms there’s to be a new animated short.

  Apr 21st, 2017


Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 18: Let’s not assign blame

This time we’re coolly and calmly dealing with spawning mobs and keeping everything totally under control at all times.

  Apr 20th     How to Murder Time


How To Murder Time Episode 174: The Graveyard Book

It’s time for another Hugo award winning book, and this month Toerag has picked The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It’s the tale of a boy who grows up in a graveyard and is our second book ostensibly aimed at children. How does it fare against the usual books that win?

  Apr 19th, 2017


Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 17

We’ve nearly got the infrastructure ready for proper farming, so we are pushing on towards that.

  Apr 18th     How to Murder Time


Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Standalone Lands April 20th

On April 20th, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will become a standalone title aside from requiring to be bundled with Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition. HW:DE has been available since December 2016 for those who pre-ordered the ultimate edition on Windows 10 … Continue reading

  Apr 17th     podtacular


Podtacular 577: Who’s on First

We find ourselves yet again in another week gone by with not much franchise news, but there’s plenty happening in the community, changes to the eSports arena and, perhaps the biggest news this week is the reveal of Xbox Scorpio’s … Continue reading

  Apr 15th, 2017


Podcast 76 #047

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about: Omnics coming Artists like omnics New comic: Overwatch Uprising Aim bot maker arrested Cheat makers fined Jeff talks Jeff talks more Jeff still talking You go Jeff Jeff can never talk too much

  Apr 14th, 2017


KritzKast #417: PANG Vs Machine

The top trio of Chronos, Uberchain and Agro are back togehter. There is much to discuss; from comic book lore to the work of Julien Renoult, TFC coming of age, a wet Pyro, Fresh Meat, MvM and Hugs dot TF. We’re interviewing Valve, need lore nerds Unpublished Team Fortress 2 comic Julien Renoult – Artstation TFC is 18 Rainy day pyro Fresh Meat TF2Map’s Mappers vs Machines and their Medals Hugs.tf […]



New Leader “Colony” Coming to Halo Wars 2

A recent vidoc published reveals a brand new leader for Halo Wars 2, along with plenty of new units and powers. Teased during Morgan Kinsano’s panel at PAX East, the new leader is a Hunter colony, known as just that, … Continue reading

  Apr 13th     podtacular