Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 10: Power games

This time the main platform takes shape and we get on with lava based power generation. A health and safety assessment was not performed before hand.

  Mar 23rd     How to Murder Time


How To Murder Time 170: Hyperion

This week we’re joined by Toerag for the next in our Hugo award winners series. This time we’re looking 1989 winner, Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

  Mar 22nd, 2017


KritzKast #415: The Bare Essentials

Valve have fiddled with the back end, upgrading and updating TF2 to the very latest SDK; 2013. This may seem like nothing to the layman but it means a great deal. For one thing, it broke Source Mod and for another it broke Macs. So there’s that going for it. Altogether it’s a very important step in the development of TF2, to bring it up to date smartly and allow […]



Minecraft Sky Factory Episode 9: Dirt from thin air

This time Botania delivers something useful and machines are built.

  Mar 21st     How to Murder Time


Podcast 76 #044

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about: Jeff Kaplan AMA Fixing Sombra’s translocation Blizz continues attack on hacks Orisa dev vid Blizzcon guff

  Mar 20th, 2017


Podtacular 573: Three Scarabs

Guess who finally finished the campaign and who’s ready to start talking Halo Wars 2? With the lull in this week’s studio and community news, we are ready to sail into spoiler territory. For now, we take a look at … Continue reading

  Mar 18th, 2017


Minecraft Sky Factory 8: Bigger base

We continue to expand the platform into something a bit more useful, and it’s time to get the power going.

  Mar 17th     How to Murder Time


Halo: Community Update – Burn Baby Burn

This month, Halo Wars 2 is receiving its first major changes and a brand new character, an ex-Insurrectionist named Morgan Kinsano. Revealed during a PAX East live-stream (much thanks to Chief Canuck for uploading the entire segment), Kinsano will have brand new … Continue reading



How To Murder Time 169: Watching the Horizon

This week we’re talking about Elite Dangerous, Torment: tides of numenera, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Guildwars 2.

  Mar 16th, 2017


Minecraft Skyfactory Episode 7: I’ll just build that again then

Now we have a supply of Stone it’s time to build up the platform and get started on the mob farm. I’m sure that can’t go wrong.

  Mar 15th     How to Murder Time