Guardian Radio Episode 88

Episode 88 of Guardian Radio is now deployed! Joining us on the podcast this week from Bungie is Jason Sussman. Jason is an Environmental Artist and worked on the Mars location. We dive in to his work on Destiny and what t took to create the Martian location. Craig of course chimes in and brings the science to the table….

  Nov 25th, 2014


Podtacular 453: Are We Fixed Yet?

Since the release of the Master Chief Collection, there have been many frustrations amongst Halo fans with the numerous issues plaguing the game.  The content update that came out this week, while it seems to statistically helped as reported by … Continue reading

  Nov 24th, 2014


KritzKast #301: A Foosball Circle Jerk

How do you follow 300? Why, with a super dooper pl_upward update (okay, it’s an extra stair) of course. In the same week that launches the final voting on the Mercs vs Aliens Fubar launches his own mini map-pack.  Muselk raised circa. $5K AUD for THP Australia. In our new section Overwatch Watch: nothing happened last week, as confirmed on fan site Overwatch Universe. Oh and Ruskey, if you want even more […]

  Nov 23rd, 2014


Halo 2 Anniversary Forge: Scripting

The fine folks over at Certain Affinity have put together a video showing forgers how scripting works in the new Forge for Halo 2 Anniversary included in The Master Chief Collection.  Scripting adds a whole new dynamic and interactive element … Continue reading

  Nov 22nd     podtacular


Master Chief Collection Update Goes Live Tomorrow

343 Industries has just announced that the content update that should fix most of the issues people are having with Halo: The Master Chief Collection will go live tomorrow evening.  They have included a list of fixes in their update, … Continue reading

  Nov 20th     podtacular


Content Update Delayed for The Master Chief Collection

The content updated slated to be released tomorrow that is supposed to fix a majority of the issues currently plaguing the Master Chief Collection has been delayed allowing for a few more additional fixes and for certification to be completed … Continue reading

  Nov 18th     podtacular


Guardian Radio Episode 87

A new update is out and a new episode is deployed! On Episode 87 we break down the Destiny Patch 1.0.3 and the recently released Iron Banner 2.0. Is the latest update a step in the right direction for Destiny? Craig’s Grimoire Card of the Week returns with a vengeance this week featuring a familiar voice that seems to have…



Podtacular 452: The Master Bug Collection

The Master Chief Collection has had a very problematic launch with many bugs and issues affecting almost every part of the game and it seems to be different for every person. Achievements aren’t unlocking for campaign, lobbies are crashing post … Continue reading

  Nov 17th, 2014


KritzKast #299: Is overwatch the new TF2?

Overwatch could very well be an attempt by Blizzard to muscle in on TF2’s territory. We talk about its potential future impact on the game and the community. Also this week; how Square Enix are out sourcing their promo items to the workshop. We’ve played Instant Muffins TF2Kart, a game mode in development before Halloween’s bumper cars. To round it off, there’s an 8inch 3A Ghost of Zepheniah Mann figure which you just can’t buy. […]

  Nov 15th, 2014


The Prophet’s Bane Legendary Weapon in Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer

Among the additions that have been introduced to Halo 5: Guardians, there is a new class of weapons you’ll get to use and the first among the legendary weapons you’ll get to use is the Prophet’s Bane.  It is basically … Continue reading

  Nov 14th     podtacular