At last, after months and months of waiting, the Perpetual Testing Initiative is now out for available throughout the multiverse. That and Zbot and I are now free from the menial thing called “High School”.We work for Aperture, the best scientific company ever made, yet we still have to do attend school. Oh wait, I’m […]

Well everyone, after months upon months of waiting, we finally know what Cave Johnson was planning for his little test chamber experiment thing, or what we know as, the “2nd DLC”. Genius, it is, having Apertures from other universes making test chambers for us and we “stealing” them. And the name is interesting too, Perpetual […]

Well Zbot and I just came into work the morning of this recording and guess what we saw? Aperture Science employees laying all around and next to every one of them was a glass of strange colored liquids. We analyzed them and found that there were 3 types of liquids: two were similar in molecular […]

The discount viagra prices end of a year, the beginning of a new one. You know what, screw that speech, it was stupid anyways. We’re out of 2011 and now on 2012 (the so called “End of the World” year). However, with the news we’ve been given, Aperture might get into a little pickle soon. […]

Hello there, test subjects. This is Caroline speaking. The reason that Codename and Zbot are not doing the description for this episode is because they are too busy eating candy and scaring children, even though they know it’s not Halloween. (Codename: “Bwahahahaha!”) Everyone is a child at heart it seems. So I will now say […]

Hello everyone(“Wait that’s my line” – Codename), Zbot here, with the excitement of the first Portal 2 DLC “Peer Review” dying down. I thought that I would give y’all an update on some of the other wonderful things that are going to be taking place in coming weeks and months. First off, I will give [...]