After months of predictions that TF2 would have its massive update on October 6th…. we can finally report, that the wait is over, and it is legendary. Everything we’ve ever hoped for and more. So much more, in ways that we were unexpected and delightful. So much so that we’re just going to have to release it in chunks. Hot messing chunks that will rot your inners and mess with […]

In a week were a Valve employee quietly announces that their world is turning upside down, TF2 Highlander caster, Jakeowaty joins Agro and Wack to talk our way through boardgames and female mercs.
Also in the show:
Valve are moving
TF2 may have had fem…

We’re finishing off more pages this episode. The end is in sight.

It’s been ten years since Halo 3 released and it’s been one heck of a ride since then. In similar fashion to 343 Industries’ live stream taking a look back at some classic Halo moments, Dust Storm and Godzilla T … Continue reading →

This week we talk about Forza 7, Thargoids in Elite Dangerous and some mobile games that stopped Tim from getting bored on a walking holiday.

This four part series portrays the story of the Office of Naval Intelligence trying to hunt down a rogue Spartan assigned to investigate the wreckage of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. But Morse, the rogue Spartan discovered some hidden ONI … Continue reading

In which Ruskeydoo and Grey talk about: Update Zarya Comic  Comp Bug Hit Reg Problems Overwatch Prize Money Blizzard Presenters Bronze to GM Ban Youtube Twitter

We’re finally getting back into the novels of the Halo franchise. Jumping in with a light read, today we take a look at the Joseph Staten novel, Shadow of Intent. The book takes place after the events of Halo 3 … Continue reading

The gate has been unlatched and headstones pushed aside as this past week the Flood made their triumphant return to Halo. In Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare, players immerse themselves in the struggle of two Brute brothers, Voridus and … Continue reading

Tim has finally caught up with Shadow of Mordor, and the Orcs aren’t the only things that aren’t pretty.


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