Become A Podkaster

So you want to be a Podkaster, do ya?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Here at, we are always looking for quality new shows, and interesting new people, to be a part of our network.  If you’ve got a show or a group of people ready to go, then we are the people to talk to.  Let me explain why.

Without us, starting up a broadcast can be a very difficult task.  You need the right skills (and the right software) just to be able to share your voice with the web.  You’ll need to think about content.  You’ll want interviews with fans and community contributors, as well as game coders, designers, testers, and developers.  You’ll need to make a name for yourself before these guys will take you seriously, and you’ve got to live up to that name if you want them to come back.

If you do everything right – you’ll be rewarded with escalating expenses.  The “free systems” you started out with?  They won’t cut it when you’ve thousands of people trying to download your production the very instant it is updated. is not like that.  tPK is all about community.  We handle the burden of webhosting, site building, and RSS feeds.  The network of Podkasters help each other out with tricks we’ve learnt along the way; sharing contacts, skills, and technical know-how.  We want all our podkasters to be the best, and we’ll even cut you in on our success when we make it.

Put simply – all the problems we had starting up our shows?  Thanks to tPK, you won’t have to deal with any of them.  We’ll give you as much technical assistance as possible, we’ll help get you any content and/or guests you might need, and we’ll even give you free webspace.

There are no great secrets to making a games Podkast.  Ask anyone who’s given it a go.  Ask us.  Mostly though, you’ll need hard work, determination, and a true passion for the topic you’ve chosen to discuss.  So if you have a gaming podcast, are interested in starting one up, or you know of one that you think we’d be interested in, drop us a line at