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Over the past several days, we’ve seen some great holiday deals on some new Halo gear hitting retailers and stores. Although we’re past the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, there are still a few things available at sale prices. … Continue reading

Celebrate the holidays with Podtacular with seven days of Halo Gear giveaways! There has been a lot of cool gear that has come out over the past few months shown off on Halo Waypoint, Halo Livestreams and conventions. We’re passing … Continue reading

Surfacing this week, an image began floating around the Halo community showing off what looks like a new special REQ pack called the “Voices of War”. It allegedly contains a highly requested feature, new announcer voice-overs, and many were skeptical … Continue reading

For the past fifteen years, Halo has entertained us, developed friendships, pushed competitive eSports and built lasting communities. Halo has lead to some remarkable life experiences for all fans of the franchise and following the 15 year anniversary Halo Livestream, … Continue reading

Another week, another reason to give thanks, as the newest community update has been released. On the lighter side of information, a new update teaser was released in the most recent live-stream, showing off the Grenade Launcher, Sentinel Beam, and … Continue reading

What’s better than playing your favorite video game franchise? Living it out in real life and showing your passion through collectibles! The Halo franchise has many different products that enhance and allow fans to play in the Halo universe. Among … Continue reading

With the return of Ske7ch to the Halo team, there are many questions about his history with the franchise. No need to worry as we start to get a glimpse of what he’s looking forward to as the new community … Continue reading

Today marks Halo’s 15th anniversary after launching in 2001 with the original Xbox. Back in 2011, 343 Industries held Halo Fest at Pax Prime, but today, they’re celebrating with a special anniversary Halo Livestream starting at 3:43PM PST. During the … Continue reading

Some men kill with a purpose; others just want their paycheck. Video published by: Infinite Light

Continuing the celebration of all things Halo, another community update has come and gone, focusing almost totally on the series milestone of 15 years. First, Ske7ch highlighted the most recent game anniversary, that of Halo 2 this past Wednesday. Next, … Continue reading


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