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It’s finally here, our Operation Supply Drop stream podcast recorded during the Halo Community Spartans for Troops live stream.  We had a wonderful time with fellow Halo communities teaming up for 36 hours of Halo goodness ranging from Warzone to … Continue reading

Celebrate a weekend filled of competitive Halo played by teams from around the world with the Spartan’s Armory REQ Pack.  This pack includes AR and Pistol skins from the most notable teams within the Halo franchise including Blue Team, Fireteam … Continue reading

It all comes down to this weekend. Sixteen teams from around the world have proved they have what it takes to be in the Halo World Championship, but only one will earn the title of champion!  Heralding from the United … Continue reading

Thanks to fans everywhere and their support for the sport of the future, GrifballHub’s GrifCon for 2016 has been fully funded, but it’s not just the fans who have a vested interest in the success of Grifball’s presence at RTX … Continue reading

In honor of the #SpartansForTroops we hosted a couple weekends ago, here’s the premiere machinima produced for the event from Thomas Productions.

The Hammer Storm update is out and as one of the biggest content updates to Halo 5: Guardians so far, there’s a lot to look forward to.  New REQs, bug fixes, maps, modes and more!  The sport of the future, … Continue reading

Grab your swords and hammers because it’s time to sign up for the sport of the future: Grifball!  Registration for the first Halo 5: Guardians Grifball league closes tomorrow and play starts next week, so grab three of your friends … Continue reading

The top sixteen teams from around the world have made their way to the world finals happening in two weeks in Hollywood, CA.  All teams were placed into pools based on their regional placings and from those pools were drawn … Continue reading

As part of the Spartans For Troops Halo Community Livestream, Podtacular will host a Halo 5: Guardians Arena tournament after the pro exhibition.  This tournament is open to all Halo community members and veterans and will follow a format similar … Continue reading

As we count down the hours to the Spartans For Troops Halo Community livestream, we have worked out our tentative schedule of events.  Right now, we’re waiting on one large event to be confirmed on a time: the pro exhibition.  … Continue reading


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