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For almost two years, Biowolf has been co-host of our podcast and today we say farewell as he steps down from his official role on the show.  It’s been a wonderful ride having him riding shotgun, but we wish him … Continue reading

The next content update brings back memories from Halo: Reach including armor sets to finish out the members of Noble Team.  In addition to the armor sets, new weapon skins for many of the fireteams encountered in the Halo Universe … Continue reading

343 continues to give out cool new features and responding to community feedback and we are happy to finally see a working File Browser available now on Halo Waypoint.  It is now easier than ever to manage your bookmarked variants … Continue reading

Sometimes you’ve gotta take a step back and appreciate your surroundings. Video published by: Megaproductions302

The Ghosts of Meridian content update hit Halo 5 last week including new REQs, a new Arena map Tyrant and a new Warzone map Skirmish at Darkstar.  In addition to the update, the Warzone Firefight Beta is also here until … Continue reading

The Halo World Championship has crowned a victor and Counter Logic Gaming has earned the title of world champions taking home $1,000,000.  This is the largest prize pool in competitive Halo and console eSports history, with 60% of the pool … Continue reading

Our friends over at GrifballHub are at it again with another Kickstarter to fund a Grifball booth at the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, Texas this July.  For the past three years, the Halo community has banded together to make … Continue reading

If you’re looking for epic space battles in the Halo universe, look no further than the Sins of the Prophets mod. These folks have done a complete conversion of Sins of a Solar Empire creating custom space vessels, music, effects, … Continue reading

This week features a two-part short feature where a man is given the ability to shift through realities to uncover the cause of a planetary tragedy.  You can watch the second part here. Video published by: Starfall Studios

We’ve survived and completed our Halo Community stream with Operation Supply Drop.  In this episode, we recap the events of the stream and highlight some of our best moments from the event.  Huge thanks to our guest streamers Ready Up … Continue reading


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