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We are finally back on track with releasing shows in the same week as we record them; sorry for any confusion for the past month.  This week we cover the latest news about February’s content update, Hammer Storm, some other … Continue reading

Just a year after its original digital release, Halo: New Blood is getting going paperback.  Clear out some space on your bookshelves for what has become one of the Halo community’s favorite novels in the franchise.  Learn about Edward Buck’s … Continue reading

With February’s Content Update, we are getting a few new ball game modes that will support Grifball and Assault.  As new game modes have been at the top of the list for Halo fans since Halo 5 released, it’s nice … Continue reading

Back in the advent of file shares for Halo we had Bungie favorites, hand picked screenshots, game modes, maps and films from the community that became staples among Halo fans everywhere.  While it’s not an exact implementation or quite as … Continue reading

After the recent announcement of Halo partnering with Killer Instinct to bring the Arbiter to Killer Instinct Season 3, Halo invades yet another franchise that just released for Xbox One: Rocket League.  This soccer-meets-driving, sports-action hybrid has been a major … Continue reading

Besides Forge, one of the most requested features for Halo 5: Guardians has been the addition of more game modes adding to the current four in the game.  With the aptly named Hammer Storm content update for February, we will … Continue reading

Two years ago at Pax Prime 2014, I had the honor of meeting Kollin Hoskins, better known as “Hoss Sauced” online.  He had been a fan of the show for a while and started taking an active role in the … Continue reading

Take a funny glitch from Halo 5, exploit it for some entertainment and you get this nice piece of work right here.  I guess they didn’t think about what effect crouching would have on weapons down. Video published by: Black … Continue reading

During the Halo World Championship Tour: X-Games Invitational, 343 teased the Arbiter being a playable fighter in the upcoming Killer Instinct, Season 3.  Killer Instinct is Microsoft’s first party fighting game, which is also slated for a Windows 10 release … Continue reading

Everyone has that classic Halo multiplayer map they love from the past and thanks to Halo 5&rsquo;s incredible Forge and awesome fans, a lot of these maps are making a comeback!&nbsp; It&rsquo;s amazing to see what the community has done &hellip; <a href="">Continue reading <span>&rarr;</span></a><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt="">


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