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For the first time, you can experience the sounds of Halo though your very own Halo bluetooth speaker! 343 Industries has partnered with AC Worldwide to  create three officially licensed bluetooth speakers in the form of Master Chief, and Red … Continue reading

Following the last content update, Warzone: Firefight, 343 has officially announced Anvil’s Legacy for a September 8th release. The Community Update has showcased a preview of just what this new update will contain. Anvil’s Legacy will release with a brand new … Continue reading

At the end of Halo 5: Guardians we find Cortana beginning her Reclamation, dispersing her Guardians throughout the galaxy.  With access to the Forerunner domain, the rogue AI poses a large threat to not just humanity, but the other species … Continue reading

Coming to Windows 10 PCs on September 8th is the Halo App, an interactive hub for all things Halo on PC. It was announced officially today to release alongside the newest Halo 5 update, Anvil’s Legacy, and support Halo 5: … Continue reading

After last Friday’s content tease, 343 Industries has officially confirmed its newest content drop launching September 8th, Anvil’s Legacy. This new update will include a multitude of new items, new maps, and a wealth of Forge features. Two new weapon … Continue reading

Since the announcement of the Halo 5: Guardians REQ system, there have been many discussions in the Halo community on its effect on game play. Whether people want the system gone completely, only have it for aesthetics, or think it … Continue reading

Bravo has published another weekly edition of the Halo Community Update, and this week we got our first glimpse at a new update to Halo 5: Guardians. We got another look at the file sharing system as well as prefabs … Continue reading

Halo Wars 2 makes its European debut at gamescom 2016 giving more fans the ability to try out the latest installment to the Halo franchise. Fans attending the event are the first ones to get to play the new multiplayer … Continue reading

Today is the last day you can order the first Halo Legendary Crate from Loot Crate and if you use the coupon code “podtacular”, you’ll get $3 off your first crate.  Back in June, the Halo Legendary Crate was announced … Continue reading

After Calvin Reece and his late partner Alex destroy a cyborg factory, Calvin finds himself fighting for his life, being called a traitor. He manages to convince those looking to arrest him that Project Orion, the military’s effort to make … Continue reading


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