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Over the past few days, the final Halo Championship Series Summer Matches took place, pitting some of the biggest eSports teams against each other in carefully crafted matches to determine who would come out on top. The competition worked on … Continue reading

RTX is one of the many gaming conventions of the year, but is probably the most rooted in the Halo community at large with the involvement of Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue and Grifball.  This year, 343 was able to … Continue reading

At E3, we had a chance to talk with Executive Producer, Dan Ayoub about Halo Wars 2 and what we can expect from the next installment in the Halo RTS genre.  With the successful reception of the original Halo Wars … Continue reading

Dan Ayoub, Executive Producer at 343 Industries walks us though the first mission of Halo Wars 2 and the introduction of the Banished after the crew of the Spirit of Fire wakes up from 28 years in cryo sleep.  Bringing … Continue reading

During E3, we had the chance to sit down with Aaron Greenberg, Head of Xbox Games Marketing to discuss the announcements regarding the Xbox Platform made during the Xbox Media Briefing.  This refreshes our show having an Xbox representative featured … Continue reading

With E3 came the official trailer for Halo Wars 2 and a few other interesting platform announcements for Xbox Live and Xbox One.  Xbox revealed a new console, controller studio and the Play Anywhere program allowing buy once and play … Continue reading

Thanks to all of the support from the Halo community, the Halo Bowl was a big success.  In addition to crowning Drunken Halo the champions of the tournament, we raised over $1600 for Gamers Outreach to partially fund a GO … Continue reading

The brilliant minds are back for another installment of the classic Halo take on the Anime Music Video Hell style videos. Video published by: imSuck/Hollywood Halo  

If you can’t tell, we’re back in the convention season with this late release, but none-the-less, here’s our podcast from the Hog Wild update that hit earlier this month.  We also talk about the latest Halo Loot Crate that was … Continue reading

During today’s E3 Xbox Press Briefing, 343 Industries partnered with Creative Assembly officially announced Halo Wars 2 coming to Windows 10 PC and Xbox One, Feburary 21, 2017.  Halo Wars 2 carries on the Real-time Strategy gameplay of Halo onto the … Continue reading


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