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Machinima has deep roots in the Halo community starting with Randall Glass’s Warthog Jump and the longest running Halo series Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue.  Since it’s inception, Halo machinima has benefited from in-game tools and features such as weapon … Continue reading

At first glance, this heavily modified Chevy Colorado ZH2 looks like a rugged, off-road military machine that could pass as a vehicle in Halo, but add in the hydrogen powered electric engine and now you’re talking things of the future!  … Continue reading

We just can’t get enough of the new Forge tools that fans have been using to create awesome new maps and now prefabrications! While there’s not much in the realm of Halo news, the community is spurring with life as … Continue reading

We usually like to stick away from promos, but this piece is one of the best we’ve seen yet from Halo 5 machinima.  In the promo, we’re introduced to bounty hunter Amira and her android Andii.  Their success in claiming … Continue reading

October has just set in and the Community Update has returned once again to bring new us new Halo content. To start, Breakout was refreshed, and much of this update focuses on all the new changes. To sum up some … Continue reading

Gaming conventions are not only a great place to explore the latest in tabletop and video games, but also brings people and communities together, especially the Halo community. Pax West, formerly Prime, is the gaming convention to attend if you … Continue reading

Another week has brought about another Community Update, this one on the lighter side of information. Bravo briefly recapped that the team is listening and shared some details about seasons, with the Fall Season ending in October. HCS is still … Continue reading

With Anvil’s Legacy update finally out, the first person shooter that was originally slated for PC makes it return on Windows 10!  As long as your system meets the system requirements and has the Windows 10 Anniversary Update applied, you … Continue reading

Another week has passed granting us another community update, this one in the wake of the Anvil’s Legacy content drop. Big Team Battle has gotten another map refresh, updating some old maps and adding some new ones. Some insight was … Continue reading

We forgot to upload this one before Pax West, so pardon some of the old news, but it still stands that this first piece of free DLC after the guaranteed release of the last update in June is one of … Continue reading


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