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It’s been one year since Halo 5: Guardians launched continuing the Master Chief saga. Since launch, the game has undergone many changes with updates introducing added features like Forge, file share and campaign scoring, new maps, modes and requisitions enhancing … Continue reading

It might seem like far less time has passed since the Chief, and us by extension, first stomped valiantly unto the plains of Halo, but the 15th anniversary of the series is dawning, only a few days away. On Tuesday, November 15th, … Continue reading

Autumn is beginning to fade into the brisk grasp of Winter as a new Community Update hits the internet, this time written by Ske7ch, the new community manager. As a relatively new face to some, he detailed a bit of … Continue reading

We are starting to enter the news lull but not before we get introduced to a brand new game mode for Halo Wars 2, Blitz.  This mode is fast paced requiring you to strategize your battle before the fight begins … Continue reading

The frightening air of Halloween is fast approaching as another community update lights the way for Halo news and content. To start, a dedication to all of the hard work B is for Bravo has worked toward with these updates, … Continue reading

After a few weeks of generally less detailed news, the Halo Community Update has finally delivered an intensely satisfying, detailed, and exciting look at some future content to come on the Halo Wars 2 front. A new game-mode, titled Blitz, … Continue reading

Machinima has deep roots in the Halo community starting with Randall Glass’s Warthog Jump and the longest running Halo series Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue.  Since it’s inception, Halo machinima has benefited from in-game tools and features such as weapon … Continue reading

At first glance, this heavily modified Chevy Colorado ZH2 looks like a rugged, off-road military machine that could pass as a vehicle in Halo, but add in the hydrogen powered electric engine and now you’re talking things of the future!  … Continue reading

We just can’t get enough of the new Forge tools that fans have been using to create awesome new maps and now prefabrications! While there’s not much in the realm of Halo news, the community is spurring with life as … Continue reading

We usually like to stick away from promos, but this piece is one of the best we’ve seen yet from Halo 5 machinima.  In the promo, we’re introduced to bounty hunter Amira and her android Andii.  Their success in claiming … Continue reading


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